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I avoided taking what was then termed  ‘Graphics’ courses in college, thinking the curricula too technical for my free-spirited self.  However,  it was instant love when I relented and first understood how vast and experimental printmaking processes actually were.  There were so many opportunities for manipulation from plate formation to printing to how to display the prints.


Graduate school allowed me to better understand new processes such as silkscreen, lithography,foil stamping and paper marbling. The quantity of work I produced led to my exploring scale and ways to print marks as a drawing and sometimes decorative activity.  I’ve since completed a spate of prinstallations across nation-wide venues.  Often, my installations reference the natural world and highlight the perverseness of material culture that can form ‘likenesses’ of these worlds.  I believe that any art installation should provide enough visual interest to feel emotionally rich to the viewer-hopefully offering pleasure and perhaps solace but at least consideration.


*note that some of these installations were photographed only originally in slide form and later transferred to digital so some quality-loss resulted. Additionally, there are many other angled and close up views available.

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