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About Erin

Erin Tapley received her BS in Art from Skidmore College, her MFA in printmaking from the University of Alabama and her PhD. in Art Education from the University of Iowa.   She has received awards as an artist and an art educator including a Fulbright Grant, two National Endowment for the Humanities grants, a Macdowell Colony Grant and a Teacher Incentive Grant from the National Art Education Association.


Selected exhibitions from the past decade include solo shows at: Tennessee Technical University, Hothouse Gallery in Chicago, Hopkins Center for the Arts in Minneapolis,  West Liberty State College,  Hickory Art Museum and Hockaday Museum in Montana.  Dr. Tapley has also completed over 45 murals and 25 large-scale installations in galleries/museums nationwide.  Printmaking often informs these endeavors.  


Recently her work has also investigated hydroprinting, sometimes known as marbling and a new exploration of felting fibers. This website reflects six subcategories of work including mural-making –which is something Erin has done for decades.


For inquiries about visiting artist presentations or commissions please contact:

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