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I’ve traveled extensively in Asia and studied brush painting in Japan when I was in college.  One thing that has always captivated me is the elongated composition of scrolls as well as their lightweight and display versatility. Thus, I have often drawn, painted and printed on a scroll format. My marbled scroll series is ongoing. I have made over 500 and I enjoy the realization of each one’s design elements as unique. Marbled scrolls  are typically 5’ long by almost 2’ width. They are done on a durable paper with high-pigment acrylic making them: water, light and tear -resistant. Many have said that they work well in

narrow spaces of a dwelling and some get four to interchange seasonally. I have included one group shot of sixty scroll (close up views) done this past summer and then some that have stood out to me in the past decade. Please enjoy and contact me if you are interested in purchasing one. I think they are reasonably priced and shipped easily too! 

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